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Swing Trading
Anticipating Market Direction
Modern markets shift gears constantly. Stay ahead of the curve, learn to act quickly and capitalize on fresh trading opportunities.

Bilateral Trade Setups
Overcome directional bias and let the price action tell you which way to go.
Exploring Market Physics
Price movement follows natural physical laws. Learn how to profit from these powerful hidden forces.
Pattern Cycles:
Declines - Reversals - Tops - Highs - Trends - Breakouts - Bottoms
Syllabus from the live presentation at the National Online Trading Expo in New York City.
Scanning Tips and Techniques
Train your eyes to look at charts this way the next time you do your market homework.
The Profitable Trader
Personal discipline is the one thing you can't learn sitting in an audience.
Trading Execution Zone
A pattern is only as good as the price action that follows it.
Trading with Stage Analysis
What if you could just glance at a chart, and find good trades immediately?
20 Golden Rules for Traders
Add these simple rules to your daily trading and build consistent profits.
20 Rules for Effective Trade Execution
It's easier to find good stocks than to trade them for a profit.
20 Rules to Stop Losing Money
The best way to start making money is to stop losing it!


Bottoms & Tops
Fishing for Profits
Trading bottoms and tops have the highest reward:risk ratios of all short-term trades. But it's still very easy to miss your opportunity. Use these informative strategies to locate outstanding entry points.

Adam & Eve & Adam
Learn two variations of the double bottom that get you in at the lowest risk.
Adam & Eve Tops
Use this classic topping formation to identify profitable short sales.
Hell's Triangle
The development of three descending highs and a horizontal floor often sets the stage for a major selloff.
Lowdown on Bottoms
There are many variations on the theme, including rounded bottoms, triple bottoms and V-bottoms.
The Big W
Use the Big W to trade your way through major reversals.


Effective Short Selling
When markets break down, they display common characteristics over and over again. Identify the current phase of the decline and position yourself to capitalize on the panic of the crowd.

Anticipating a Selloff
How You Could Have Seen ImClone's Implosion Coming.
5 Wave Declines
Declines are not chaotic events. Look for the orderly 1-2-3-Drop-Up in corrective movements.
Selling Declines
The fearful crowd provides a rich source for profits on trades initiated during corrections and declines.
Surviving Bear Markets
Most players wrongly believe that profits will continue in a major decline as long as they just flip their long strategies upside down.
Common Pitfalls of Selling Short
The bear market will end when Joe Sixpack quits his job so he can sell short for a living.


Traders Toolbox
The right technical tools will get you into good trades and keep you out of bad ones. Use these powerful indicators and tools to cross-verify the message of your chart pattern.

Bollinger Bands Tactics
Use Bollinger Band strategy to pinpoint major swing reversals and breakouts.
Five Fibonacci Tricks
Add these Fib twists and turns to your toolbox, and apply them to your next trade.
Fun with Fibonacci
Fibonacci numbers consistently mark hidden support and resistance.
Moving Average Crossovers
Add the Golden Cross and Death Cross to your trading arsenal.
Overbought/Oversold Overload
Should we run for the hills because a market is overbought, or load up the boat because it's oversold?
Time Trading
Effective manipulation of time is a critical skill for long term trading success.
Voodoo Trading
Magic numbers, astrological dates and prayer wheels have all been enlisted in the search for that elusive trading edge.


Market Dynamics
Trend-Range Mechanics
When stock movement breaks the rules, it could be emitting a very strong signal. Here's what to look for when you're expecting the unexpected.

Clear Air
Clear Air identifies price levels where volatility should spike sharply. Use these zones to execute high-reward, high-risk entry.
Cutting Losses
Attention to loss is a sign of trading experience. Attention to gain is a sign of trading immaturity.
Effective Market Timing
Folks believe chart-reading automatically leads to profitable trading. This isn't true.
Exit Strategies
Most traders don't have an exit plan, whether their positions are turning a profit or going down in flames.
Greed and Fear
Learn to take advantage of destructive crowd behavior driven by greed or fear.
Measuring Reward:Risk
Trading is an odds game, in which anything can happen at any time.
Pattern Failure
The best trade may be in the opposite direction from the one that you're planning.
Playing Failed Failures
Modern markets try to burn everyone through rinse jobs before they launch definable trends.


Trend Following Systems
Breakouts through key support or resistance signal price movement that will likely persist for some time. Use these key trend and breakout patterns to capture large pieces of the move.

Breakout Trading
A market starts rising when it stops falling. Hidden in the final twists and turns of long bottoms, new uptrends go unnoticed by the crowd.
Catch The Dow and Elliott Waves
Dow Theory hasn't missed a beat in over 100 years. So what does Charlie Dow have to offer modern traders?
False Breakouts and Whipsaws
Breakouts occur in zones of conflict. Both bulls and bears are very passionate at these turning points.
Morning Gap Strategies
Having trouble with those irritating morning gaps? You're not alone.
The Gap Primer
Old traders' wisdom advises that gaps get filled. However, some gaps never fill.
Trend, Direction and Timing
Learn what to look for before you commit your capital.
Trend Waves
Add Elliott Wave Theory to your chart analysis and discover a new world of trading opportunities.
Triangle Trading
Hone your pattern trading skills with a fresh look at this classic formation.


Day Trading
Intraday Cycles and Tactics
Day traders face intense competition and hidden traps set by insiders. Avoid common intraday pitfalls and make market cycles work in your favor.

3-D Trade Execution
Use multiple time frame pattern analysis to identify profitable intraday trade setups.
The bid/ask spread reveals underlying supply and demand on the ticker tape.
Pullback Day Trading
Learn to step in front of other day traders on intraday pullbacks.
Tale of the Tape
The years you spent studying technical analysis may not make you a good trader.
Tape Reading
Learn the subtle skills of tape reading and understand the ways that insiders manipulate the markets.


New Highs
Momentum Trading
Stocks at new highs display unique momentum characteristics that can persist for months. Jump on the momentum bandwagon but minimize the considerable risks when you do.

Mastering The Momentum Trade
Momentum trading can be mastered. Three disciplines will break destructive habits and reprogram trading for success.
Momentum Cycles
Minimize the risks of momentum trading by tuning your positions to the hidden action-reaction cycles of dynamic trend.
Uncharted Territory
Use the Rule of Alternation to measure opportunity as stocks rally to new highs.

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